241PROMO is

An easy to use app for customers who want to try new locations and love savings, for businesses who want to attract more sales through discount campaigns and to promote certain services or products.

241 Promo is a free app available on Google Play and Apple App Store. All you need is your smart phone or tablet. If you want to continue as a subscriber follow the next steps:

Step 1 - download the app and create your account.

Step 2 - select your category. You will discover a variety of outlets sorted by category, with full descriptions of what you can get and for how much.

Step 3 – pick the provider and select a voucher. Upon confirmation, you will receive the second item or service for free

Step 4 – enjoy the service and the savings!

Every time you use the app you’ll know how much you saved, keeping track of the deals you’ve enjoyed.

Businesses that want to increase their customer exposure can start by creating their own account for free and immediately upload their offers.

Enjoy using 241PROMO and earn loyal clients through your savings offers.

Give us a try. Enjoy life twice as much!

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